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Tapestry Of Sound Memorial Concert Poster

On October 22, 2014, the Art Christmas Memorial Concert was held at Victoria Hall - Petrolia, the very place where Art and the Aggregation performed their final show in 1998.  All the proceeds from this concert were donated to Bluewater Health and the Art Christmas Memorial Bursary.

Tapestry Of Sound Memorial - Entertainment Local
Tapestry Of Sound Memorial - Entertainment Local
Tapestry Of Sound Memorial - Entertainment Local
Tapestry Of Sound Memorial - Entertainment Local
Art Christmas Memorial Bursary
Lambton Kent Award - Art Christmas Memorial Bursary


    Sydney Kennedy (Sarnia Collegiate Institute & Technical School)


     (no recipient this year)


    Heather Woolridge (Sarnia Collegiate Institute & Technical School)


    Brennah Freer (Sarnia Collegiate Institute & Technical School)


   Michael Hill (Great Lakes Secondary School)


   Brianna Maitland (Great Lakes Secondary School)


   Alexandra Graham (Lambton Central Collegiate & Vocational Institute)

   Davis MacKinlay (North Lambton Secondary School)


    Mercedes Greer (Lambton Central Collegiate & Vocational Institute)

    Meghan Taylor (Great Lakes Secondary School)


    Zachary Price (Northern Collegiate Inst. & Voc. School)


    Benjamin Hollingsworth (Great Lakes Secondary School)


    Korbyn Roberts (Great Lakes Secondary School)

Dear Christmas Family,

As I just finished my first semester at Fanshawe College for Music Industry Arts, I wanted to give you an update and again say thank you. 

My course consists of many different classes regarding the music industry, ranging from music business, performance, social media, engineering, theory, and production. I am really enjoying all aspects of this program and the opportunities it is opening up for me. 

Thank you again for seeing my potential and helping me get through this new chapter of my life. I will continue working hard and making music. 

Davis MacKinlay (2018-2019) 

Art Christmas Memorial Bursary,

Thank you so much for acknowledging my efforts and accomplishments in the Arts program. I am currently attending the University of Windsor, where I am studying music and working towards becoming a teacher. This monetary award will go towards my music theory book. Thanks again.

Mercedes Greer (2019-2020) 

Dear Paula (Christmas),

I want to extend my gratitude and thanks to you for this generous contribution to my education. I am so thankful that there are people like you, who care so passionately about education, that are willing to give awards to students. It really means a lot to know there are supporters in every corner of the city. I am currently in my first year at Western University for voice and this donation will help to pay some book fees for the upcoming term. Thank you!

Meghan Taylor (2019-2020) 

To: Lambton Education Foundation Awards,

I was surprised and delighted to be selected for this bursary. I would like to thank the Art Christmas Memorial Bursary donor(s) for selecting me to be the recipient. My apologies for my late response. I have had a busy summer and I am now entering my second year at Humber College for my Bachelor of Music degree. This bursary certainly has assisted me in obtaining the necessary equipment required for my music education.

Thank you so much.


Zachary Price (2020-2021) 

To: Paula (Christmas),

Thank you Paula Christmas for your support. Your generous donation will help me reach my goals at Western (University) where I am studying engineering.


Korbyn Roberts (2022-2023)

 Art Christmas               College, University         Bursary                 2 awards at $100        The Art Christmas Memorial Bursary is awarded

 Memorial Bursary                                                                                                                 to students with outstanding community service

                                                                                                                                              that are aimed at a field in Music as a major

                                                                                                                                              area of study.

Art Christmas Music Therapy Donation

A special thank you to the following people who made a personal donation to the bursary:

Tim Lockwood (french horn)

Sheilanne Lindsay (violin)

Greg Mainprize (drums/percussion)

Mitch Tyler (bass)

Irene Whelan

Ruth Bracken

Doug & Kathy Bracken

Noreen Scott

Bruce Bracken

The Art Christmas Memorial Concert was held in October 2014, with part of the proceeds being donated to the Music Therapy Program at Bluewater Health Foundation, recognized as the "Art Christmas Music Therapy Donation".  Several musicians, vocalists and behind the scenes crew donated their time and talent for this event, and were a huge part in making this benefit possible. This donation is the gift that keeps on giving ensuring that Art's name will live on for many years to come.  A memorial bench was placed in one of the lovely healing gardens at Bluewater Health, and the dedication plaque reads . . .

Bluewater Health - Art Christmas Music Therapy Plaque
Bluewater Health - Pulse 2015
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